About Us

SSpic & Span Maid Cleaning Services is a professional full-service commercial and residential cleaning company that has served the Houston, TX area for over 25 years. Spic & Span Maid Cleaning Services have cleaned over 4500 homes, one-at-a-time and many of our clients have been with our company since the year we opened. Our Mission is to create a clean home environment for our customers. Our many years of providing consistent, quality maid service to satisfied customers has revealed that a team of four cleaning maids is the best way to ensure deep cleans and quality service for you and your home. Together, our team members will thoroughly clean your home, while still providing you with the special personal touches you would expect from someone you know and trust.

Our team cleaning process is simple. Each of our team members has a special house cleaning job, or function, to perform each time he or she visits your home; bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, dusting or vacuuming. All of our Spic & Span Maid cleaners are fully trained in the use of our house cleaning products and equipment to ensure that your home receives only the highest quality cleaning possible.

Every team is supervised by a working team leader who not only works to keep employees on task but who double-check all work for quality assurance. With so much attention given to our hiring and supervising practices. It's no wonder that most of our Spic & Span maid service customers trust us with the keys to their homes. Their teams of house cleaners give them a service and an experience they look forward to a trust each and every visit. This is why 96% of our customers would recommend Spic & Span Maid Cleaning Service to their family and friends.

You can depend on us to provide following:

  • Attention to detail
  • Personal touch
  • Timely service
  • Well-supervised, trustworthy and friendly staff
  • Well-trained supervisors
  • Value for your investment
  • Worry-free experience
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