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Cleaning Mistakes Corrected by Pro House Cleaners in Houston

You may be a whizz at cleaning your home, yet we often think this and are oblivious to the cleaning mistakes we make. Once we know what we do wrong, it is possible to cut down on time and also leave your home cleaner with fewer germs and dirt everywhere.

To spend less time and effort when cleaning, it is advisable to hire a professional Houston home cleaner. However, here are three mistakes we all make without realizing.


Learn to Vacuum Like a Home Cleaning Professional

The first mistake we make is vacuuming with a bag full of dirt from previous vacuuming sessions. Even a half-full bag can make the situation worse. Either can be wrong as it is more strain on your vacuum's motor. For one, your vacuum can't suck as hard, and second, you could kill your vacuum by overloading it. 

Both ways, your vacuum isn't working to 100% efficiency when vacuuming. Empty the just vacuumed dirt before you use your vacuum the next time.


Polishing Isn't as Clean as We Think

The second cleaning mistake we make is when buffing polished wooden surfaces. We always rub in a circular motion. All this does is rub the dirt back over the surface of your wooden cabinets.

The correct way is to make an S pattern, buffing with a cloth, from left to right. Doing this means you can leave all your polished surfaces streak and dirt free.


Toilet Cleaning Leaves More Germs

The third error many makes is putting the toilet brush right back in the toilet brush holder next to the toilet once we have cleaned and sanitized the bathroom.

What we do here is to encourage more germs and bacteria to breed and make the toilet dirtier than it was in the beginning. 


The right way to clean and scrub the toilet is to use the brush and then flush the toilet.  Leave the brush in the toilet to rinse and then leave it resting under the toilet seat to drip dry for about fifteen minutes. Then you can clean the holder and put the brush back.

This allows the toilet brush to clean the toilet free from bacteria as it is supposed to rather than on the brush.

Fix Cleaning Mistakes with a Houston Home Cleaner

Rather than struggle trying to fix the above issues, it is much easier to hire the services of a professional home cleaner in Houston.

There are many other mistakes we make, and it can be a full-time cleaning job to correct them.

Cut out the hard work and contact Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services, Houston, TX.

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