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Cleaning Services in Houston, TX




The state of your commercial building, at any point in time, can run the gambit from extremely clean, like first thing in the morning, after we turn it back over to you, to very dirty, like just before we get there each evening. The Cleaning Services in Houston, TX we provide make all of the difference. A look at some of these services will assist you in understanding what we do each evening, for others, and what we can and will accomplish for you.

As one crew gets started on the offices and cubicles, another one starts in the restrooms and break areas as well as the kitchen. Dusting, in both categories of spaces, in conducted from the top down. Wet cleaning of desks, shelving, credenzas and chairs will ensure no food or drink spills stay on these surfaces for very long.

The restrooms are detail cleaned, including walls, vents, counters, sinks, paper and soap dispensers, toilets, urinals and trash containers. The green technology cleansers and disinfectants are used to help protect the environment while still killing any organic organisms, such as allergens, bacteria and.

Since your building does go through a daily range of cleanliness levels, based on the day to day activities within the building, we offer a day porter program which makes and ensures your reputation as a clean, safe, sanitary and healthy place to do business.

By contracting with us, you have the entire range of Cleaning Services in Houston, TX available:

Offices and restroom cleaning and sanitizing

Lobbies, conference rooms and display area cleaning

Hallways and all other common areas cleaning to include carpet vacuuming and deep cleaning as needed.

Kitchen and break areas cleaning, sanitizing and condiment, paper towel and coffee bar stocking as required.

Window cleaning

Pressure washing in all exterior and many interior areas

Cleaning Services in Houston, TX, to us, means everything and our reputation depends on it.

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