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Construction Cleaning in Houston TX




There is a lot of activity going on at any construction site. There are people coming and going, trucks moving through the area as well as people simply standing around, for no known reason. There are safety concerns and many of those have to do with debris that seems to be everywhere. This is where a Construction Cleaning in Houston TX crew, such as our qualified technicians, comes in to help with the whole endeavor.

Our crew works to ensure an orderly site from the first stages, through the final clean. This begins with the picking up of wrapping materials and banding from the stacks of wood, crates of equipment and the placing of the appropriate dumpsters in the right place. Construction Cleaning in Houston TX means being available at every step of the project so things move along smoothly.

We will design an appropriate plan of action that melds with the general contractors and follows the time line hung on the wall of the construction trailer. From the outside work throwing things in the dumpster, through the rough cleaning of the newly poured slab and the broom work and into the dusting and vacuuming inside the walls.

Our trained, insured and bonded personnel have been on many sites, over the years they have been doing this work. They are certified in every cleaning task that is needed regardless of where in the project we come in. We know what is needed, at each step of the process and will provide a safe, clean area for all of the trades’ people involved.

We know that Construction Cleaning in Houston TX means doing the hard work that many of the workers simply do not like to do. All of the many things that are simply thrown away on the nearest semi flat surface are what we do, every day.

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