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Construction Cleaning in Houston, TX

Your new home, like all others will begin life as a graded piece of land. The construction company you hired will be doing the construction or building of you knew place, but do you trust them to do the cleaning? They are going to be one of the best in what they do and we are the best in what we do. We clean things and then keep them that way. Construction Cleaning in Houston, TX, for us is no different as we design a program to stay on top of everything.

A construction site is a dirty place and quite disorganized, in many ways. Yes, there is a timeline hanging on the site contractor’s wall, or in his or her truck, but the mess can just get bigger and bigger if you do not have a company who can and will keep it cleaned up. Our specialized Construction Cleaning in Houston, TX crew will be there when they begin the foundation and the pouring of the floor. You are going to want a cleaning company to ensure your home is clean and sanitary after the house is ready to move into, so let us begin the relationship during its dirtiest time.

Construction Cleaning in Houston, TX means picking up all of the trash, boxes, paper wrapping and discarded building materials and getting it all thrown away. It means keeping all surfaces swept and, in some cases, vacuumed to prevent dust and dirt from interfering with the next step in the construction effort. There are many steps in a new build and debris, dust and discarded materials in every one of them.

We have the personnel who will make it their job to see that nothing goes unnoticed while maintaining order on the site. We do not interfere with the trades’ people as they do what they do and we do what we do and have been doing for years.

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