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Spillages in your home can ruin pillowcases, carpets and the sofa, and much more. Spills of liquids and foodstuffs may leave tough stains and marks, which can make your home décor appear unattractive.

If this happens, you can count on the residential maids from Spic and Span Cleaning Services to help with advice and practical help.

Our home cleaning professionals will advise their customers to treat any spillage immediately with a natural stain remover if they want the best results.

These removers have been proven to give the best results. These are some natural stain removers recommended by these experts for House Cleaning in Houston, TX.


Red Wine Home Cleaners Houston, TX

One of the cleaning products you can use specifically for the red wine stain removers.

Any time there are red wine stains, make sure you act quickly before allowing them to dry and pour some lemon juice over the stain and then salt.

Use a brush to clean this salt off before you rinse these areas with cold water.


Coffee Stain Cleaning Professionals

For many households, one of the leading drinks is coffee. Have you ever wondered if you accidentally spill it, what you can do? The spilled coffee may leave an undesirable coffee stain and intense color.

The best way to eliminate such a stain is to use baking powder. Professionals recommend dissolving the baking powder in water to form a paste.

Apply this solution to the stain and rinse the treated area with cold water. When you have the detergent mentioned above, you will not panic in case something is spilled.


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In case you have other issues with how to treat stains by using your natural products, speak to Spic and Span Cleaning services Houston, TX.

Suppose you wish to leave the cleaning to the professionals. In that case, all you need to do is contact the best residential maid cleaning service in Houston, TX, and make sure your home is ready.

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