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Great Maid Service in Houston, TX


Our company provides maid and cleaning services. We can customize the services that we provide to meet all of your maid and cleaning requirements. Our services can be customized to provide initial cleaning of your home as well as ongoing cleaning from week to week. If you need help with spring cleaning, special jobs or just routine weekly cleaning and Maid Services in Houston, TX, just let us know. We will provide a free quote to help you decide what areas you prefer to focus on.


In addition to cleaning, our team can also help with the weekly laundry, vacuuming and dusting. Need to recover from a large party? We can help clean up the next day. In addition, we can also assist in serving meals and drinks to your guests. Just let us know what is needed and we will let you know if we can assist. There are also cleaning tasks that only need to be tackled every few months. For example, cleaning the dust from cold air return vents. Or dusting all of your paintings, occasional use dishes, window sills, baseboards and much more etc. These are special jobs that can be grouped together and completed on your schedule as needed. If needed, we can provide a complete list for you to select from.


Call us today to discuss your requirements for cleaning and Maid Services in Houston, TX along with the schedule you require. We can provide a free quotation for your review and modification or update as needed. Whether you need the kitchen sink cleaned or the toilets, shower and bathtub we can help. Gain time to focus on other things in your life that are more interesting and important. Free yourself from the tedium of cleaning your home from top to bottom. Call us today for a quotation.