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Houston, TX Residential Cleaning Clears After Construction


Renovation is a messy business. After weeks, you can still find dust on a top-shelf, which you forgot when cleaning. One more time, you have to prepare to enter your cleaning drill before you can sit back and relax.

While this post-renovation cleaning task is unwelcome, it is crucial. Settled dust is damaging not only to you but also to your children, pets, and people with breathing problems.

When you wish to remove such a mess, promptly and thoroughly, follow these essential tips. Better yet, be sure to contact your local Houston, TX residential cleaning service.


Keep Your Windows Wide Open

The first thing is to get yourself a mask. It is dangerous to be in a room buried under a cloud of thick dust without putting on a mask. Regardless of whether it is cold or hot outside, it is essential to open all windows while you clean for ventilation. 

The airflow will blow out the dust, reducing sawn wood smells and cement dust, and removing the overwhelming odors from your cleaning products. The best way to deal with the dust is to use industrial vacuums that have durable filters to remove the dirt from the atmosphere. A professional residential cleaning service uses these machines. 


Dust and Stand Outside

Now it’s time to clean all surfaces and racks where there is accumulated dust. Pick up a microfiber cloth and start wiping down everything. You can use old rags, but they won’t do the job correctly. Cleaning up this stubborn dust requires cleaning tools that will collect and clean the dust particles.

It may tempt you to finish all the dusting as soon as possible. However, before you jump to the next task, leave the room fresh for a minute or two. Because dust can leave particles in the air, and it takes a while for them to settle back down. Professional residential cleaning crews make light work of a job like this.


Houston, TX Residential Cleaning Professionals Clean Air Vents

Ventilation ducts are very much like a home for dust. During post-renovation cleanup, it is common for people to forget about checking the air vents. If you don’t want a clogged cooling and heating system and recirculation of dust back into your building, then vacuum the air vents and outside grilles.

You might think it's ideal for taking care of all your cleaning after the renovation process, though it’s very tiring. Instead of being exhausted, why not consider post-renovation cleaning services in Houston, TX. 


Finding Best Houston, TX Construction Cleaning 

From post-renovation clean up to standard weekly cleaning, Spic and Span carry an extensive selection of housekeeping services to choose from. 

To make sure there is no dust anywhere, contact Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services, and the professional cleaning crews can be at your home to put it back to its freshest state.


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