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Keep Clean Tiles with Houston, AZ Residential Cleaning



If there's one part of cleaning a home, that is hard work and the least favorite of all has to be cleaning tiles in bathroom and kitchen.

Everyone knows that keeping your ceramic tile surfaces clean and sparkling makes a huge difference. It can make your home appear more healthy, clean, and vibrant. On the flipside, we all know how much of a tedious chore it can be.

If you want all your tiled areas clean and free of germs, then a residential house cleaning service in Houston, TX, can make this a reality much easier than you imagine.

Here are a handful of the best tips how to clean better, although by the end, you're more likely considering contacting your local residential maid service to tackle this chore for you.


Doing the Tile Cleaning Yourself

Your tiled surfaces require the same care as your floors do. Even if they are very hardwearing. Here are the key things you ought to do.

Be sure to frequently sweep or vacuum and remove all the debris, dust, and crumbs. You can also find small stones are dragged into your home and can scratch the surfaces.

Always use warm water for mopping tiles. If this doesn’t clean then enough, add a drop of dish soap or vinegar solution. Vinegar and water is great for removing traces of dirt. It may smell for a while, yet as it dries this does vanish.

Getting on your hands and knees to check and scrub the grout is one area homeowners hate. Even on wall tiles, the job is hard work. However, you do need to check grout as it is porous and quickly absorbs dirt and other things. For deep stains, it is possible to use grout cleaner, yet these will still be hard to use. A Houston, TX house cleaner can do this for you much faster with the right machine and better cleaning chemicals.  


No More Stains in the Bathroom

Mold is one of the most noxious things to have spreading around your home. Your bathrooms unfortunately are prime areas for this mold to grow.


If seeing it isn’t bad enough, the worst is it can trigger respiratory issues in anyone with a breathing issue. The worst is that most bathrooms that have these issues are located near bedrooms so there is prolonged exposure.

You can carry out the following, and it will help until you call your local Houston TX house cleaning service.

  • Bacteria thrive in damp and humid places, be sure to ventilate your bathroom.
  • Bleach won’t kill mold, so be sure to clean weekly and use gloves and a specialized cleaning products
  • Use vinegar to keep hard water stains away. Rinse thoroughly when finished.


Home Cleaning Service Houston, TX Kills Tough Jobs

Your tiles will look fantastic when they are clean, and as they are a hard surface, they can be one of the healthiest around your home when you keep on top of the cleaning.

To make sure, your family is safe from mold; Contact Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services, and entrust the work to our professional cleaners on whatever schedule suits your needs.

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