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Keep Clean with Houston, TX Residential Cleaning Pros

Over the past few weeks, and for the near future. Many families are staying at home to self-quarantine. Much of this comes with the current virus that is sweeping the globe. TV's are full of stories of fatalities, and many individuals have no idea which way to turn.

One thing that may help in the fight to remain healthy is keeping the inside of your home as clean as possible.

Many homeowners may try to keep clean, yet as a Houston, TX residential cleaning professional, we know there is more we can do to help eradicate germs and bacteria from your home.

Read on to find out more about how a clean home can help stop any family member falling ill, and suffering worse than they need to.


How Do You Keep Clean?

One way to protect our families, communities, and ourselves is by maintaining a sanitary household environment. At this time of the pandemic, during which sanitation is of paramount importance, the time has never been better to employ a professional residential maid service.

All our qualified and health-conscious staff specializes in cleaning, especially for your health, and our crews are well prepared to help you keep your home free from germs.


How Do You Care for Customers in Houston, TX?

We observe stringent directives to protect the health of both of our customers and our crew members. Below are some of the safety measures that all employees follow at your local Houston, TX cleaning company.


  1. Our teams meticulously sanitize and disinfect light switches, doorknobs, telephones, and all bathroom surfaces with approved disinfectants, which are suitable in the fight against all viruses lingering on hard surfaces.
  2. All microfiber cloths, brushes, scrubbing tools, and more are replaced between customers' homes, so there is no overlapping of pathogens between customers. The tools and equipment are returned to base, where they are carefully washed and sanitized.
  3. After each use, all the vacuum cleaners, as well as cleaning buckets, are sanitized. 
  4. Spic and Span team members use hand disinfectant, which is regularly used, especially between houses.
  5. Our team's vehicle interiors are sanitized daily.


Finding a Reliable Residential Cleaning Professional in Houston, TX

It can be hard to find the right cleaning company during these times. It takes much more, and all employees need to be vigilant for their safety as much as any clients.

To be sure you are inviting a clean and healthy residential maid service into your home, you only need to contact Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services direct or fill in the form below, and the helpful staff will arrange to get your home germ free and healthy to live in.

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