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Keep Germ Free Homes with Houston Home Cleaning


The leading home cleaning services will have the most potent germ-killing methods in your home. It would help if you contended with dishes, smudged furniture, dirty walls, and whatever other dust and dirt you see to get a spotless home.

None the less, there are unseen dangers you are demanding your power and manifest as endless harmful bacteria and germs. Removing these helps preserve your health.

Your reliable Spic and Span cleaners have more tips for you. Here you can learn how to remove stains from the sofa, find out about the sturdiest way to clean upholstery and discover that keeping your home spotless even with pets is workable using professional Houston, TX home cleaning services..


Flu and Virus Disinfection

With flu and virus germs, you don’t need to cover every inch of your house. Only focus on places where bacteria might colonize, and you’ll be healthy. These contact surfaces include:

  • Remote controls, telephones, computers
  • Faucets, Doorknobs, work surfaces
  • Toys, towels, and beddings

A mixture of water and vinegar is perfect for getting rid of such germs and bacteria; however, it may linger awhile.


How Long Do Germs Survive?

First, be able to identify when cold and flu viruses live on a surface, and when they are infectious. For example, cold viruses can live several days on indoor surfaces. Your chance of catching a cold virus is diminished after 24 hours. However, for a few days, the germs remain infectious.

In comparison, Flu lives even less and stays contagious for only a day. However, they can survive fifteen minutes in tissues. The number than declines until it reaches a very low point, making transmission by hand much less possible. If you use the right Houston home cleaning, you can remove these germs far faster with industrial cleaning machines and steam power.


Houston’s Best Home Cleaning Service

Now more than ever is the best time for your home’s cleanliness. Although you can handle this yourself, hiring skilled daily cleaners is much easier.

Your entire home will sparkle within a short period, and you are confident that about 99 percent of all germs are gone from all your hard surfaces.

Residential cleaning service shouldn’t worry. While you need a cleaning service, you trust and know the job is done correctly. Everything you have to do is contact Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services, and leave the tough tasks to our professional house cleaners on any schedule that meets your needs.

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