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Keep Your Tiles Clean with Houston House Cleaning Service


Are the bathroom and kitchen tiles your least favorite part of cleaning? 

We know you know that keeping ceramic tile surfaces clean and shiny makes a lot of difference in the sense that the entire house looks so much refreshed, but it’s such a tiring chore.

If you want clean and safe tiled areas that sparkle and have no germs, then a house cleaning service Houston, TX, can be something worthy of consideration.

Here are a few tips on how to clean better, yet by the end, you are more than likely wanting to contact your local residential maid service to tackle this for you.


DIY Tile Cleaning

The tile needs the same care as other floorings, even if they are highly durable. Here are the key things you ought to do.

Regularly sweep or vacuum to get rid of debris, dust, and crumbs, among other things. When doing so, watch out for small hard rocks or gravel as these can scratch your tiles or gouge out your grout. 

Mop your tiles with warm water. If this is not sufficient, add a little dish soap or some vinegar solution. Vinegar and water can remove any traces of dirt, and while useful, it may put you off by the vinegar smell that lingers for a while.

It is this part of tile cleaning people hate. Check your grout because it is porous and will quickly absorb dirt and other things. For deep stains, you can use a grout cleaner, yet these still make hard work of something a Houston, TX house cleaner can do for you. 


Removing Stains from Your Bathroom Tiles

Mold is one of the unhealthiest things you can have in a home. Bathrooms are, unfortunately, the areas you see it first. If the sight of it wasn’t bad enough, mold could affect anyone who has respiratory issues, and they locate close most bathrooms close to bedrooms.

You can carry out the following, and it will help until you call your local Houston TX house cleaning service. 

  • Ventilating the bathroom is essential because bacteria thrive in damp and humid places. 
  • Clean at least once a week. Use gloves and a specialized cleaning product. Bleach won’t kill mold.
  • To keep water stains away, a solution of vinegar or a bit of cooking oil can work wonders. Rinse thoroughly when finished.

Houston, TX Home Cleaning Service Make Light Work Out of a Tough Job

Tiles look fantastic when clean, and they are one of the healthiest kinds of surfaces you can have as long as you prevent mold.

To be sure, your family is safe from the chances of any mold; all you need to do is contact Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services, Houston, TX.

Once you see how well your tiles turn out, you may even consider giving the same careful attention to the rest of your home.

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