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Keep a Fresh Home with Houston, TX Residential Cleaning


A clean house will not be measured merely upon its appearance. One thing that can set the appearance even before you see anything will be the smell you encounter. 

Smell plays an important role because it hits you as soon as you enter the front door. It is not common for a house to smell fresh when it is not clean.

Regular cleaning makes your home smell fresh, but there might be persistent odors that you cannot distinguish as you are too used to them.

Here are some of the most common unpleasant smells or areas that Houston TX residential cleaning professionals can deal with as they transform your home.


Pet Odors Can Linger in Homes

There are all kinds of smells, which may not be only your pets. Many of these are odors which the family can contribute to as much as their pets.

This is where furniture and dirty carpets are the major culprits. You can sprinkle carpets and furniture over with baking soda and it may dispose of odors, but you won't get rid of the source of the smell.

A residential cleaning professional in Houston, TX, can handle this to get rid of unwanted odors instead of trying to get rid of them with the contents of your pantry.


Refrigerators Can Smell as Bad as Anywhere

You have different areas of your fridge. Inside may smell, yet this is down to the contents rather an anything else. However, it is a different story on the outside, and in particular at the back.

They equip some designs of refrigerators with condensers in which it traps the water during operation.

Over time, these accumulate and stagnate and stink. To this add all the dust that can stick to the cooling ribs.

Houston residential cleaners understand all about the areas homeowners often miss, so it is one area Spic and Span head first as they thoroughly purify your home and kitchen.


Cigarette Smoke Can Last for Ages

You can use the baking soda trick; however, the smoke adheres to your walls and the switches and any surface it is in contact with. This you can see from the ceilings, which slowly turn yellow.

Whereas a fresh layer of paint might help, you can use local residential cleaning crews to clean all your yellowing light switches, fittings and windows to reduce the lingering stale smell of smoke.


Fresh Homes with Houston Residential Cleaning

It is not difficult to clean your home from these aromas, and when you use local pro residential cleaning services, you will find it better than any home remedy can offer.

To make sure you have the best, all you have to do is contact the professional cleaners at Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services, and you will find your home smells clean at all times thanks to the new scheduled home cleaning services.

Alternatively, you can fill out the compact form below, and the Spic and Span teams will be in touch. You can even check on our latest reviews.

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