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Our Story

Felicia Gonzalez, owner of Spic & Span Maid Cleaning Services, were thrown into the cleaning business arena over 25 years ago when her nanny showed up at her front door with two of her sisters from Mexico. Felicia could not send them away and like that her family grew overnight. She knew then she would have to find away to bring other income into her home. So she decided to talk to her neighbors and see if they ever needed there house cleaned to keep us in mind. At that moment she volunteered to clean the homes of two of her neighbors home. One neighbor worked all the time and had no time to clean their home and the other neighbor was incapacitated due to life-threatening illnesses.

Six months later, they realized how much pleasure and satisfaction they got out of seeing how much their work made a difference in the lives of those neighbors. Felicia Gonzalez decided to quit her job to start a cleaning business, and we have been growing strong ever since!


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