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Professional House Cleaning in Houston, TX


There is so much dirt and dust in your home and you know it. You have worked at it whenever you have the time and it just seems to come back before you know it. The house cleaning that you accomplish keeps your home in a livable condition, but it might not make it a shiny place to entertain. That is where we come in. Our cleaners have been trained, are insured and bonded to do all of this cleaning for you. It can be done in either a massive house cleaning effort, all at one time, in all areas and very deep or as a maid service that gets at it, a day at a time. This is the way to take some time for yourself and maybe go to the beach, a park or spend some time with kids. You may need to spend extra time at work on occasion and this is one of the ways to make this happen.


We come in and take a systematic approach to every room you assign to us. This means the kitchen can be deep cleaned like you may not have been able to do. Everything can be pulled out of cabinets, refrigerators and a complete dusting, wet cleaning a sanitizing can occur. It might be time as the food particles have worked their way into all of the cracks and crevasses we know about.


Getting the walls cleaned up, if appropriate, will make a very big difference as well as getting all of the spots off of the counter tops. The sinks, cutting boards, and workspaces will be cleaned and sanitized, as well as the insides of all appliances. Bathrooms will be scrubbed down, including the toilets, bathtubs and shower enclosures and sinks. This is the service in just two rooms of your house. Think about the House Cleaning in Houston, TX we do in the living, dining and family rooms to make them cleaner, safer and more enjoyable to your family and friends. And all of this is done while you are not even there, enjoying, or working, at other things that are also as important as a clean home.