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Quality House Cleaning in Houston, TX

Do you keep your home fresh and clean always? Is your house too big for you to clean it all by yourself? Or are you very busy that you do not have time for home or business cleaning? We are perfect to attending to such residential or commercial cleaning. Contact us for the above service delivery and more. the reason why you should let us do your house cleaning in Houston, TX; we value privacy, we value your money, we are flexible and reliable at all times all you need is to book in advance.

Maintain an executive look through the below services that we offer;

General house cleaning

This include basic cleaning routine of the whole house; it includes

• Removing cobwebs

• Dusting

• Vacuum cleaning of the carpet

• Changing sheets

• Cleaning wall hangings and bookshelves

• Cleaning mirrors, glass surfaces, windows and doors

• Removing all garbage and relining waste baskets

• Disinfecting keyboards and mouse, phones or tv remotes.

Bedroom and living room

• Taking the garbage and cleaning the flour

• Dusting all surfaces

• Wiping mirrors, window and other glass fixtures.

Bathroom cleaning

• Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, sinks, tubs and shower

• Cleaning the bathroom mirror

• Dusting the light fixtures or bulbs

• Washing the bathroom floor and walls

Kitchen cleaning

• Cleaning inside and outside the microwave and other kitchen appliances

• Cleaning the cabinets or shelfs both inside and outside

• Cleaning, sanitizing and polishing sinks

• Cleaning all the counter tops

• Polishing the stainless still appliances

• Washing the floor

We give a quotation of the services depending on the need of our clients. The categories of needs include; regular cleaning, involves the day to day house cleaning in Houston, TX service. Secondly, occasional cleaning, this apply to a client who invokes for the service because of an upcoming event or occasion. Third, move in and move out cleaning, this applies to the clients who are relocating to new home. Give us your house to clean and we will make it a paradise.