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Residential Cleaning in Houston, TX is Best Way to Avoid Allergens


The weather is getting warmer, and people are looking forward to the time outside. However, some are afraid of it. Staying indoors should be a haven from allergies, but that is not the solution, and your home can make the problem worse.

If allergens are at home, it can be as miserable there as it is outside, if not worse.

While there is no such thing as keeping allergens away from your home 100%. There are several ways to help reduce them.

Here are some solutions that you should try before requesting help from your home cleaning staff in Houston, TX.


Professional Maid Service Clean Air Before filters

While you can try to use HEPA filters to clear the air, you need to think about allergens in the air before they reach your filters.

Vacuuming carpeting three times per week has been shown to help, although professional home cleaning companies can clean your carpet better than your home vacuum will do.


Wash Before Coming Inside

When working in the yard, you need to take off all your dirty clothes before you venture inside and carry all kinds of grass clippings and dust inside?

Studies show that footwear introduces dirt and bacteria and other outdoor allergens. At the door, remove your shoes and prevent them from spreading dirt around your house.

Also, if your pets come into your house, wipe their paws when they enter.

A home cleaning company can’t help you as much in the yard, but they can keep your laundry area or kitchen spotlessly clean and free of dust from outside.


Showering Before You Sleep

Your hair traps pollen and dust. Therefore, take a shower before you go to bed to make sure your hair will be clean when it meets your pillow. Passing allergens onto your mattress can lead to them getting into your eyes, nose, and mouth and make you have a terrible night with all the coughing and sneezing.

According to the American Asthma and Allergy Foundation, household dust mites, hairs from animals, and roaches are the primary source of allergies. Inspect rooms for areas where this may be an issue and address these issues. Your residential maid service will know all too well on which areas to check and to keep clean as they go about their home cleaning.


Hiring Houston, TX Home Cleaning Professionals for Healthy Homes

Make a plan to eliminate or swap out items that may hold allergens. For things you keep, have a proper cleaning schedule to ensure allergens don’t build-up, such as regular dusting.

If you’re considering making the most of your local Houston residential maid service, contact the Spic and Span cleaning support department or fill in the form below, and one of the cleaning support staff will be back in touch.

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