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Schedule a Maid Service in Houston, TX


How many things do you have to do to clean your house every day? Hour many hours do you normally spend? Is it, indeed, every day? Might it be only one day, like Saturday or Sunday? Is it a hit or miss schedule? It obviously worked for you, but now, it might be time for a little more attention to be paid on this important set of tasks. If you could have a residential Maid Service in Houston, TX, like ours, come in and do all of these jobs you do not want to do anymore, how many times could you see needing us?


We have schedules, with many clients, for one, two and three or more days per week. This allows us to clean and sanitize the kitchens and bathrooms, straighten and clean the dining, living and family rooms as well as get all of the bedrooms in a condition that makes a welcoming presentation to all. These are certainly the most popular schedules for many, however, there are those who do not need us this much.


Many homeowners prefer to use just for when they really need the extra help. These occasions will include those parties that have to happen. We would set up a schedule for coming in a couple of days before the party, help out with the party, if needed, and a day after the event so that everything can get back to normal, again. A Maid Service in Houston, TX, like ours, do this thing right. We do it completely and we do it when you need us to do it. A couple times a month? We are doing that in several homes, right in your neighborhood, so this is something that can be handled in a timely manner. We are there for you so give us a call.