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Top Things Residential Maid Service Cleans in Houston, TX



A residential maid surface can clean much better than many of us can do. One thing for sure is they don't miss as many areas as many homeowners do.

If you do your cleaning, look at this list and see how many you miss or clean on infrequent occasions.

By the end, you will see how essential home cleaning is, and these things ought to be included with every clean.

Every residential maid team Houston, TX covers these areas no matter what cleaning schedule you prefer in your home.


Electronic Devices Need Care and Attention

It isn't often we clean our large electronic gadgets. However, they are things we touch more often than not. Besides this, TV's are known for accumulating dust, no matter how thin the screen may be.

Add in home routers, speaker systems, and house phones. They cover many of these in germs, and with the help of professional home cleaners, you can be germ free and protect your investment.


Walls Need Residential Home Cleaning Professionals Houston, TX

Children often run around, and if you are lucky, they don't draw on your walls, there are chances they still put their hands on them. Besides kids, dogs often lean against a wall for a quick rub.

Using the right chemicals Spic and Span Maids can make your walls look bright, fingerprint-free and the color they are supposed to be.


Door Handles, Knobs, Switches and More

The kitchen sees more action than any other area of a home aside from the bathroom. These are two key areas where handles can be full of germs. I quick wipe down with a disinfecting solution is the first step toward a clean home.

Add to this, all the switches you may have scattered around from kitchen sockets, light switches and others. It isn't often we take the effort to wipe these clean consciously. Professional residential maid services make these areas a priority.


Curtain Rails and Window Sills

Two areas that attract dust are your windowsills and your curtain rails. Most times, they are also the least touched. A professional home cleaner will do these in the right order as there is little point cleaning a windowsill before you tackle your curtain rails.


Finding the Best Houston, TX Residential Maids

You may think it's not possible to find maids who can do all this without making the job last hours.

The significant thing with Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services is that our crews do this day in and day out in thousands of homes. Leave them to get on with their work, and you won't even know they are there.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate and contact Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services, and you will find your home smells and looks clean thanks to your new scheduled home cleaning service.

Alternatively, you can fill out the compact form below, and the Spic and Span teams will be in touch. You can even check on our latest reviews.

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