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We Offer Top Quality Houston, TX House Cleaning

 We are quite aware that many people are very busy during the course of the day and do not have the time to keep their house neat and tidy. If you are in need of first-rate Houston, TX house cleaning services, contact our experienced cleaning company today.

The maids we hire are highly skilled and trained and will do a thorough job cleaning your entire house and will make your home look fantastic. Our efficient team will clean your living and dining rooms, den, home office and family room. They will polish your wooden furniture and woodwork, vacuum the carpeting and upholstered furniture and will wash the windows.

In the kitchen, our trained maids will clean and sanitize your counter-tops, table and chairs and sink. The crew will also wipe down the outside of your dishwasher, stove and refrigerator and will mop the kitchen floor. In addition, our maids will wipe clean your small appliances such as the coffee machine, toaster, can opener and microwave.

Our efficient crew will clean and disinfect your toilet, sink, tub and shower. They will also clean your bathroom fixtures and will clean the windows and wash the walls. In addition, they will sterilize the door, door handles and the light switch will mop the floor in the bathroom.

In the bedrooms, our maids will make the beds with fresh sheets and will polish the bedroom furniture. They will also vacuum the carpeting and under the beds and will polish the furniture and wipe the mirrors clean and will empty and sanitize the waste bins.

Every one of our maids are bonded and insured and will effectively clean your house. When the job is complete, your home will be spotless. If you need high quality Houston, TX house cleaning services, contact us today. 

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