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Where Houston, TX Residential Cleaning Tackles in Kitchens

Your kitchen is the place with the most harmful germs and bacteria in most homes. Therefore, keeping your kitchen clean becomes one of the most crucial things when you want your living space to be healthy and safe. So when you hire a residential cleaning service, who comes and cleans your home, be sure to pay attention to these things.

Here are just a few of the dirtiest places in your kitchen; your residential maid cleaning services tackle above all others.


Residential Maid Services Clean Dirty Sinks

When you learn that the number of bacteria in your sink exceeds the number of bacteria in your toilet, will it come as a shock to you? However surprising it may sound, in most households it is true.

Sinks provide a perfect home for bacteria because they have virtually constant humidity, and they can feed on smaller particles of food. E. coli are among the most common bacteria in a kitchen sink and are well known for causing severe digestive problems and fever in infected people.

Sanitize Kitchen Handles with Houston, TX Home Cleaning

Buttons and pull handles on kitchen appliances, utensils, cabinets, and drawers represent the most frequently overlooked areas of a kitchen environment. Any of these surfaces, which are touched during meal preparation, may harbor bacteria and mold. Germs and mold can survive for ages on knobs and handles in your kitchen unless they are periodically cleaned.

Your residential maid cleaning service will make a point of wiping every handle and knob while they clean all the other hard surfaces. You can do this yourself in-between cleans using disinfectant wipes.

Home Cleaners Never Forget Coffee Makers

Coffee machines rank among the least cleaned devices in a typical kitchen. While clean water ends up in your coffee maker, it can contain bacteria when that water remains in the machine since it provides a warm environment that bacteria thrive.

It is advisable to clean your coffee machine once per week, at least. The most important thing to remember when cleaning a coffee maker is to make sure it is dry and free of moisture before putting it into storage.

The rear of Refrigerators are Dust Magnets

Because of its cold, regulated environment, many people incorrectly believe that all areas of a refrigerator are hygienic and resistant to bacteria. Refrigerators are one of the most accessible places for bacteria to grow and thrive.

Even when you may have leaking packaging in your refrigerator, most homeowners never pull out their fridge and check the back of the refrigerator. These areas can become warm and dusty, and bacteria love this kind of environment. Besides, older models can have water dripping from the cooling system, and many unpleasant things can lurk there.


Finding Reputable Houston Residential Cleaning Services

We can provide any regular cleaning that meets your schedule, be it, daily, weekly, bi-weekly (any other week), month-to-month, seasonally, or if you have a major one-time cleaning project planned for your home.

All you need to do is contact Spic and Span Maid Cleaning Services and delegate the rigorous work to our professional cleaning teams, no matter what schedule suits your needs.

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